I’ve learned so much about relationships this year, more than I ever would have imagined, in ways I wouldn’t have chosen. But… it was for the best. Even the tears were good for my soul. I learned to value family, to seek to surround myself with inspiring beings, and to treasure the ones already in my life. I realized what true vulnerability looks like. It’s not being transparent to make someone like you more or feel closer to you. No, that defies the very nature of being vulnerable. To be vulnerable is to be your true, honest, raw self. Whether they like it or not. Whether it serves you well or whether it brings you pain. You must be true. You must.

And sometimes being real leaves you really alone

Sometimes that road is lonely.

But you know what else you must do? You must learn to be by yourself. To love the quiet, cherish the quiet, nurture the quiet. You must listen to your deepest darkest thoughts in the silence. And you must learn to let them go.

You must be able to love yourself, cherish yourself, and nurture yourself with all your flaws—yes dear one, you are flawed— you must do these things before you can bring them to the world around you. And when you take care of yourself, just think what a lovely place this world will be.

“So plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.” -Jorge Luis Borges



One thought on “Bonded Not Chained

  1. It so sad that there are people who always need to be surrounded by others, who are not even close to being comfortable with themselves. But i guess we are all like that in the beginning, aren’t we?! Until we have no other option but to learn to be oneself’s own friend and company in silence.


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