Highways and Byways…

I visited my new home today. One of many dawning in my future. It was peaceful, though quite a drive from my grandmother’s home where I am staying for the moment. But the road is a comfort to me. Never ending, always before you for as long as you want to travel it. And only as far as you’re meant to go. The road has its lessons for those who are listening… It tells stories of long ago people and what they were made of, of how they were driven by “progress” and simple necessity. It teaches patience, endurance, joys in simplicity‚ÄĒrolling fields, roadways sprinkled with wildflowers, solitary trees, oil wells. All things hold beauty, bring contentment to the ordinary, and quiet conversations drift from their subtleties. This is why I love the open road.

I’m becoming a wanderer. Never satisfied with settling in. Loving change, but wrestling with it too. Grappling with the hard questions, the ones no one seems to answer: Why am I here, in this place? Why not somewhere else? Does my life have any value? Am I living or do I simply exist? Why don’t people just understand? I’m not like everyone else. I’m not you.

I hope to find my way along winding paths and keep my roots shallow in location and relationships, and deep within myself, my purpose, my passions and my Creator.

I am developing an intentional existence. Content with myself, yet always changing. Always growing. I am full of paradoxes. But then, so are you.

“Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like right now, and appreciating it for everything that it is.” -marcandangel

Stay tuned for Part Two: Home?¬†where I’ll actually be talking about the farm itself


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