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“I was desperate. And my desperation clouded all good sense. It put a wall between the imagined and reality. Truth couldn’t be discerned from mere imitations. I had made the choice. I would reap the consequences.” -Channing

“I try so hard to put it out of my mind. The rebellion. The war. The internment. All the killing. But no matter how hard I try to push it back, it is always there—in the sounds of planes flying overhead, the shouts of angry voices drifting through an open window, the teary eyed faces of my little ones when they hear stories of the Old Country—this is why I cannot forget. I tell myself only a coward would want to forget and Raoul Mikhailovich Bolshakov is a coward no longer.  And yet…the memories bring me only pain and much sorrow.” -Raoul

Love. What is love really? We hear it all the time…true love is an action, not a feeling, but what action shows love the most? Compassion? Empathy that shows you truly care? Loyalty? Kindness? Courage and bravery, fighting for those you love and want to protect and the life that you live and the things you believe in? Love is all of these things, these actions to be acted upon by our fellow lovers, but you can not deny the fact that, yes, love also comes with feelings. When you truly love someone, it’s no matter what actions they make, you still feel the love towards them. It can be the memory of warm socks on an icy day or a sprinkle of rain in the springtime; cookies fresh from the oven, a house that smells of evergreen, that feeling, the one that makes you smile, that is love. Love also comes in the sad times, the times when something goes terribly wrong, someone says something so untrue, unfair, or disloyal, and yet, there is someone there beside you all the way, in the gentle comforting pat on the arm, the quiet smile, the knowing expression of the eyes, all this shows love. Love is in the good and the unsavory, the joyous and the downtrodden, when you are sick and when you are vibrant. The whole world is turned by the miracle of love. I love many things and many people and many emotions and ideas and instances and memories and though love is not always romantic, in fact rarely ever so— love is always with us. Love is tough, hard to bear when you feel unworthy, hard to give when you’re out of strength, but love is an energy source, constantly recycling, us the benefits of its success. Constantly giving and being given– the more that love is given the faster it is received and the more it is received the easier it is to give. This is the miracle of love. -Fay 


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